The Library respects the privacy of Internet use, but cannot guarantee it. The Library makes every effort to protect the privacy rights of adults and minors, and will revoke the Internet privileges of library users who attempt to violate these rights.


Filtering the Internet

The Library subscribes to a filtering service which is found on public access workstations throughout all branches of the Library. The use of filtering technology is an important component of the Library's efforts to limit minors' access and exposure to inappropriate, harmful, and illegal matter on the Internet and World Wide Web. This filtering service limits the amount of pornographic or obscene materials available on the Internet, but you should be aware that no filtering service is completely effective.

On occasion, the filtering service overblocks access to information and specific websites. Librarians are trained to provide successful searches for blocked information, and can provide access to unavailable sites that meet the standards of the the Library's Internet Use Policy.


Supervising Children's Use

Parents and legal guardians of children under the age of 18 are responsible for monitoring their children's use of the Internet and for deciding what Internet and other Library resources are appropriate for their children. Parents are advised to supervise their children's Internet sessions and not to rely on filtering software. The Library, as part of its regular public services, attempts to provide general monitoring of observable public behaviors. Whenever staff members can accurately ascertain that the rules of this policy are broken and the safety of a minor is at risk, they will intervene in an attempt to provide appropriate guidance, assistance, and/or enforcement of the policy.


Rules Governing Use

You may not use Library computer work stations

  • to access obscene or pornographic sites. If you inadvertently access one of these sites, you must exit from it immediately.
  • to interfere with or alter the Library's computers, networks, or any of its hardware or software.
  • to use any of your own software, programs, or hardware.
  • to violate U.S. Copyright Law or software licenses.


Violations may result in loss of Internet Access and/or Library privileges.


Adopted by the Mobile Public Library Board 7/23/03