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These rooms are dedicated to children's programs, especially Storytimes.

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Public computers are available all over the library, but the largest number are in the Technology Center.

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This area has all the Teen books, a space for study and a small game room.

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Find all the young adult books, paperbacks, video games, magazines and comic books in this area. Also in this room are computers just for teens.

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Main meeting room: total capacity 140, includes a small galley kitchen with a refrigerator and microwave, can be split into two rooms Room A (capacity 70) and Room B (capacity 70)

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We have cabinets of paper files and newspaper clippings on local subjects including biographies, businesses, local art, cemeteries, Mardi Gras, and unpublished family histories.

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The Children's Department's windows look out over this large outdoor event space. You may find the Children's Staff having storytime, crafts or shows out here on nice days.

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The Room has a capacity or 200 and includes a small galley kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave and pass-through countertop. Meeting room users are limited to 50 parking spaces.

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Houses fiction books, music CDs, movies, TV series, educational videos, large print books, paperbacks and video games.

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Get help from knowledgeable Reference Librarians and use the Reference Collection. This room, on the second floor, contains reference books, the Non-Fiction Collection and magazines.

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Wi-Fi is available for public use at every location, including on the Bookmobile. Connect to 'Library Name'Guest (i.e. MainGuest) and open a browser window to accept our term and conditions.