Saraland Public Library Closing

Saraland Public Library will be closed on Wednesday, June 12, 2024 thru Saturday, June 15, 2024, due to roof repair work.  Alternate locations are Virginia Dillard Smith/Toulminville Branch at 601 Stanton Rd., or Moorer/Spring Hill Branch at 4 S. McGregor Ave., or Ben May Main Library at 701 Government St.

Saraland Public Library will reopen on Monday, June 17, 2024.

Work for Us

All employees of the Library are hired from lists provided by the Mobile County Personnel Board.

We employ approximately 175 workers, including librarians and other professionals and clerical staff. Most are full-time employees, and the rest are part-time or supernumerary (substitute) workers.

When we have a vacancy, we request a list of qualified candidates from the Personnel Board. We interview each one and make a selection when all interviews are completed.

For more details about applying for jobs with the merit system call the Mobile County Personnel Board directly at (251) 470-7727.

For more details about working at the library call Mobile Public Library's Human Resources Officer at (251) 545-3498.

Currently accepting online applications for these positions:

Librarian IV

This is professional administrative work assisting the Library Director in planning, managing, coordinating and directing the operations of the Mobile Public Library.

Librarian III

This is administrative work directing a major library department or serving as head librarian in the main library.

Librarian II

This is administrative, supervisory and professional library work over the operation of a specialized main library section or division or a large branch library.

Librarian I

This is professional library work over a major sub-function of the library.

Office Assistant I

This is routine clerical and office support work, such as typing, filing, records maintenance, cashiering, data entry, customer service, and the performance of basic bookkeeping operations.