Librarian II

The Mobile County Personnel Board is currently accepting online applications for LIBRARIAN II on a continuous basis.

Once the Personnel Board creates the LIBRARIAN II list, it will be valid for one year and Mobile Public Library will use the list throughout the year to fill vacancies.

You may access the online job announcement and apply at the Mobile County Personnel Board Job Opportunities page.

Kind of Work

This is administrative, supervisory and professional library work over the operation of a specialized main library section or division or a large branch library.

Examples of Work

(Any one position may not include all of the duties listed nor do the listed examples include all tasks which may be found in positions of this class.) 

Supervises the activities, staff and building maintenance of a large branch library;

plans, trains, supervises and evaluates the work of professional and sub-professional subordinates in a specialized section or division of the main library;

prepares budget for assigned area; manages the selection, scope and quality of a major segment of the library collection;

coordinates the selection and acquisition of books, videos, audio cassettes and other materials;

develops, installs and supervises reference procedures and materials;

searches books and other sources for information requested by patrons;

answers specific reference questions on statistics and biographical material including obscure subjects;

develops and administers a specialized reference collection;

provides a readers' advisory service;

maintains contact with community groups interested in the library system and performs other public relations activities;

performs related work as required.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

Attainment of a minimum of a master's degree from a recognized college or university in library science or a related field and a minimum of three years' experience in professional library work, including a minimum of one year's administrative and supervisory experience; or a combination of education and experience equivalent to these requirements.

Essential Requirements of the Work

Thorough knowledge of professional library principles, methods, materials and practices; thorough professional knowledge of reader interest levels, authors, books and other publications; ability to manage professional and sub-professional subordinates in the various activities of a branch library or a section of the main library; ability to effectively promote community participation in specialized services or branch library activities; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and library patrons.

Distinguishing Features of the Work

An employee in this class is responsible for the performance of technical and administrative library duties in the operation of a division or section of the main library or a standard branch library operation. Work is performed under the general supervision of a Librarian III through review of plans, programs, budgets and conferences. Supervision is exercised over professional and clerical employees and increased supervisory and administrative responsibilities and scope of section or function distinguishes this class from that of Librarian I.

Working Test Period (WTP)

1 year

Open Until Filled