Saraland Public Library Closing

Saraland Public Library will be closed on Wednesday, June 12, 2024 thru Saturday, June 15, 2024, due to roof repair work.  Alternate locations are Virginia Dillard Smith/Toulminville Branch at 601 Stanton Rd., or Moorer/Spring Hill Branch at 4 S. McGregor Ave., or Ben May Main Library at 701 Government St.

Saraland Public Library will reopen on Monday, June 17, 2024.

Test Proctoring

We offer free proctoring by librarians and reference staff at some of our library locations.

Please contact the reference staff in advance to schedule a time convenient for you.


The Mobile Public Library recognizes the changing educational environment in which many students participate in distance learning or on-line courses. The Library wishes to support citizens within its service area in these endeavors by providing free proctoring services for tests or exams. The Library makes no judgment of the value or merit of the educational or professional institution for which the test is being administered.

Description of Services

  • A basic level of service is provided.
  • Tests are taken in a reserved public area of the Library; a separate room for test-taking is not available at all locations but a separate area is designated due to COVID-19.
  • Since the test is taken in the public area, the Library can not assure against visual or auditory distractions.
  • Test-taking is monitored at a moderate level of intensity. The service level that the Library is able to offer is constrained by staffing resources and physical facilities, and does not permit continuous or one-on-one monitoring. A reasonable effort is made to guard against obvious abuses.
  • Tests may be taken online or in written form.

Availability of Service

  • Proctoring services are available at most Mobile Public Library locations.
  • Tests are taken during Library business hours.
  • Tests may last up to three hours.
  • Each Library location can generally only accommodate one test at a time.

Library Responsibilities

  • Students will be asked to present photo identification prior to taking the test.
  • Staff will check on the student from time to time, and will make sure that the student who begins taking the test is the same one who completes it.
  • Staff will notify the student when testing time is up.
  • In some cases, staff will collect the exam and mail, fax or email it back to the institution.
  • The Library assumes no liability for computer network connections, transfer of data, or saving of test responses for online tests.
  • For purposes of clarification, the Library makes available a copy of its Proctoring Services Policy to the student and to the Testing Institution.

Testing Institution Responsibilities

  • It is up to the testing institution to determine that testing conditions outlined in the Library Proctoring Services Policy meet their requirements.
  • The testing institution schedules the test with the student and the Library for a time that is mutually agreeable to all parties. The Library may be contacted by telephone, email, in person, or online through SmarterProctoring. If mailing services are needed, the testing institution provides a prepaid mailer to the Library for the purpose of mailing back the test.

Student Responsibilities

  • It is the responsibility of the student to give a copy of the Library Proctoring Services Policy to the testing institution.
  • If the student is taking a test online, it is his responsibility to establish in advance of the test that the Library computer network system will permit access to the test and provide full functionality. The student may need to confer with the Library’s Automation Department to make this determination.
  • Students are responsible for reading, interpreting, and following test instructions.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to be honest while taking a test, and to refrain from any unacceptable behaviors. The library reserves the right to discontinue the testing session if the testing institution rules are not followed.

Adopted by the Mobile Public Library Board January 25, 2006. Updated February 1, 2021.