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These printers can be used to make three-dimensional objects using plastic filament. The 3D printing service is available to all ages.

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A few locations have button makers available for public use. The finished buttons are 2.25" in diameter and cost 25¢ per button.

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Palette icon

Our exhibit spaces display beautiful art and educational panels regularly. Contact a location if you would like to collaborate with the library on an exhibit.

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Hand with Sparkles icon

This interactive game touch table is a big hit with everyone. Contains 12 single and multi-player games for all age groups.

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Bring your own supplies or pay for the supplies we have on hand. Machines are free to use. Printing costs of the items to laminate not included. Each person is limited to 25 items a month.

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Printing & Copying icon

Printers & copiers are available for public use at every location. Black and white printing/copying is $.10 per page. Color printing/copying is $.50 per page.

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A quiet study room with multiple tables to study and do work. The door closes to the rest of the library to help keep distractions to a minimum. 

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Head up to the second floor to get help from knowledgeable Reference staff. 

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This area has all the Teen books, a space for study and a small game room.

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Find all the young adult books, paperbacks, video games, magazines and comic books in this area. Also in this room are computers just for teens.

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Houses fiction books, music CDs, movies, TV series, educational videos, large print books, paperbacks and video games.

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Get help from knowledgeable Reference Librarians and use the Reference Collection. This room, on the second floor, contains reference books, the Non-Fiction Collection and magazines.

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Wi-Fi is available for public use at every location, including on the Bookmobile. Connect to 'Library Name'Guest (i.e. MainGuest) and open a browser window to accept our term and conditions.