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Stream critically-acclaimed movies, inspiring documentaries, award-winning foreign films and more on all your favorite devices, any time, anywhere.

  1. Create your account.
    • Go to our kanopy page
    • Click on "Sign Up"
    • Give your name and email address and choose a password
    • They will email you for confirmation - click on the link in the email
    • Enter your Mobile Public Library card number
  2. Films can be streamed from any computer, television, mobile device or platform by downloading the Kanopy app
  3. Stream Films - Limits - 45 tickets per calendar month
    • Users have a monthly ticket allotment
    • Each ticket represents $1 in cost to the library
    • Every title is labeled with a ticket value and viewing period
      • Regular videos: 2 tickets, 2 or 3 day viewing period
      • Major studio videos: 4 tickets, 2 or 3 day viewing period
      • Shorts (single titles with a running time of 30 min or less): 1 ticket, 3 day viewing period
      • Bingeable episodic content (including The Great Courses): Tickets and viewing period variable based on total running time
      • Kanopy Kids remains unlimited

Learn more about how tickets work

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