Annual Writing Contest

The Friends of the Mobile Public Library sponsor an annual Writing Contest open to all Mobile County high school and middle school students (public, private and home schooled) grades 6-12.

Contest participants are invited to enter into three categories: poetry, short story, and essay. Prizes will be awarded as follows: First Place ($100), Second Place ($50) and Third Place ($25). Students may submit one entry per category. Middle School and High School students will be judged separately.

Email deadline is January 25, 2019.
For submission requirements and more information on how to enter see the Contest Rules. Students or teachers may email submissions to the contest. Submissions should be emailed to

Questions: Contact Elizabeth Gillespie at or 251-391-5376


Entries for the 2018 writing contest have been received and awarded.

Awards were given for short story, poetry and essay categories. The topic or theme was open, and students were free to submit one entry for each category.

  1. "KIDS THESE DAYS" by Angela Chimento
  1. "Valediction Forbidding Materialism" by Angela Chimento
  2. "The Forest" by Arthur Pendragon
Short Story
  1. "The Fisherman" by Angela Chimento
  2. "The Epic Tale of Beowulf: A Modernization" by Jack Lang