P.H. Polk Photographs
* Images used with permission from Tuskegee University Archives

Everyday Mobile: A Candid Portrait Photography Contest

In partnership with Alabama Contemporary Art Center

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Winner: Allan At Work by Susanne Carney

Allan At Work by Susanne Carney

"I found Allan while he was sketching on Dauphin St. in downtown Mobile. I was on a photography walk for a Street Photography class. He was well known and loved in downtown Mobile. He died several months later in a bicycle accident."
- Susanne Carney

instagram: @sscarney
facebook: Sue Carney twitter: @scarney52

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Honorable Mention: Mentors of the Next Generation by Ben Hill

Mentors of the Next Generation by Ben Hill

"The renowned Excelsior band has been a mainstay of Mardi Gras traditions since 1883. Unfortunatly, Covid has hindered their participation as usual marching in every single Mardi Gras parade this year. Yet they still play on. I was fortunate enough to enjoy their musicical artistry once again at a drive-by Valentine/Bithday party. During their warm up I captured this shot of two of the pillars; Hosea London and Theodore Arthur, together with over 90 years in the band, and the next generation by their side. Also playing but not pictured was 40 year member, drummer, Mr. Leon."
- Ben Hill

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Honorable Mention: Mardi Gras Horsemen by Steve Joynt

Mardi Gras Horsemen by Steve Joynt

"This was taken during the Northside Merchants parade on the afternoon of Lundi Gras, 2019. I was near the starting point of the parade, and Northside Merchants is the third of three long Mardi Gras parades that usually draw huge crowds to Route D. I don't know which riding group this was."
- Steve Joynt

facebook: Steve Joynt
twitter: @MobileMask

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The contest was scored by a panel of four judges. Scores were based upon the following four criteria.

  • Lighting: How the lighting was used to create mood and enhance the ‘story’.
  • Subject Matter: Is the subject of the photo well chosen? Does the photo tell a story of everyday Mobile?
  • Composition: How well is the picture framed to convey the artist’s point of view?
  • Reflection of Polk: How effectively and creatively does the photo reflect the artistic legacy of P. H. Polk?


  • Margarita Skiadas, MFA, Assistant Professor of Photography, Department of Visual Arts, University of South Alabama
  • Elizabet Elliott, Executive Director/Curator, Alabama Contemporary Art Center
  • Karlos F. Finley, Municipal Judge, City of Mobile, K. Fitzgerald Finkey Firm, P.C.
  • Kern Jackson, Assistant Professor, Director of the African American Studies Program, University of South Alabama

Winners were announced Monday, March 22. All entries are displayed in our virtual gallery.

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