Submit the information below and send your .stl file to Indicate pickup preference in the “Subject” line of the email. Library pick-up location options are the Ben May Main Library, Moorer/Spring Hill Branch and West Regional Library. Please be sure to read the Mobile Public Library’s 3D Print Procedures before submitting. You will be contacted via email with details regarding your print status. Questions with an * are required.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, the library will use a standard PLA filament.

The information below is not required. Only submit the information below if the .stl file you will be sending needs adjustments. If not specified, the file will be printed with the size “as is” and other information will be determined by qualified MPL staff.

After submitting, remember to send your .stl file to and include your pickup preference in the “Subject” line of the email (Ben May Main Library, Moorer Branch or West Regional).