All employees of the Library are hired from lists provided by the Mobile County Personnel Board.

We employ approximately 200 workers, including librarians and other professionals, clerical and custodial staff.   Most are full-time employees, and the rest are part-time or supernumerary (substitute) workers.

When we have a vacancy, we request a list of qualified candidates from the Personnel Board.   We interview each one and make a selection when all interviews are completed.

For more details about applying for jobs with the merit system call the Personnel Board directly at (251) 470-7727.
For more details about working at the Library, you may call Mobile Public Library's Human Resources Officer at (251) 208-7107.

  • Currently accepting online
    applications for these positions:

    Mobile Public Library is currently accepting online applications for LIBRARIAN I positions through the Mobile County Personnel Board.

    You may access the online job announcement and apply at the Mobile County Personnel Board Job Opportunities page.

    Once the Personnel Board creates the LIBRARIAN I list, it will be valid for one year and Mobile Public Library will use the list throughout the year to fill vacancies.